Shoe box habitats

Look at how well our shoebox habitats have turned out. This brings an end to our animal topic and Mrs Hodder couldn’t be prouder of how much we have learnt. Can you guess what habitats we chose to create?


Bug Club


Bug Club has been updated with books for each child.

On Friday books will be collected for the summer holidays to give us a chance to sort them out. Bug Club online is a vital resource to ensure that reading is continued throughout the holidays.

If you can not remember your login details please let us know.

A plea for shoe boxes. 

Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be designing and creating habitats within shoe boxes. 

If you have a spare shoe box at home that you could send in with your child that would be much appreciated. 

Knowsley Safari Park

What a super day we had. It started off with a very excitable coach journey this morning. We arrived and went straight into the rainforest room where we learnt about some animals and the habitat they live in. A lady called Laura took us to the rainforest and the grasslands. We had the chance to touch a leaf insect which lives in the rainforest. It was called Marshmallow and we learnt that it uses its colour and shape to camouflage into a leaf, we also learnt that it curls its tail up to look like a scorpion so other animals don’t eat it. Laura also told us that Marshmallow trumps to keep predators away, that made us chuckle quite a lot. 

Laura also showed us some animal parts. We had the chance to look at an elephants tooth. We learnt that elephants only have 4 teeth, which are very big, and they have 6 sets within their lifetime. We also saw a lion jaw, we got to tooth the teeth and look at how lions use them to eat their prey. 

We then walked over to see the elephants, giraffes and meerkats. Mrs Hodder loves giraffes and was super excited when one was right in front of us eating its lunch. 

We were able to eat our lunch in the sea lion arena. Just as we were finishing our lunch the show started. We learnt about the differences between sea lions and seals. We learnt that the sea lions use their whiskers to help the feel where things are. Sea lions use their front flippers to walk and this gives them really strong muscles. 

We walked through the bat house, had a quick play then got back on the coach for our safari ride. Can you spot any of the animals we saw?

Thank you Class Moses for a fabulous day and to all the adults who came and made this trip possible.

Tinga Tinga Art

We have been putting the finishing touches to our Tinga Tinga artwork.  We are very excited to share them with you but you’ll have to wait a little longer.  Some children have completed them and we have started to display them in the classroom.  Others have a little more to do to complete.  I’m waiting until all children have completed them before posting any photographs but if you are in school, you might want to come and take a peek at those that have been displayed already.  They look great and I’m very proud of how hard the children have worked on them.

Habitats and Food chains

We have been working really hard on our current science topic linked to animals. 

Next week we are off to Knowsley Safari Park. We have been preparing by learning about different animal habitats and looking at the process of food chains.

Before going on our trip we will be looking at how animals are suited to their habitats and how they have adapted. 

We have enjoyed using purple mash to present some of our findings.

Performance poetry!

This week we have been looking st the traditional tale of The Gingerbread man.

On Monday we read the book and spotted the repeated phrase. ‘Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.’ We spotted 2 rhyming words in this phrase.

Our task was to create a short poem in pairs which told part of the story of the Gingerbread man.

We tried really hard to include rhyming words within our poem.

Recorders are back!

After a short break we are picking up recorders again on a Friday.  The children were great today and had remembered so much.  I apologise for not reminding you or the children earlier about the need to have recorders in on a Friday but if you could try to send them in on a Friday from now on, that would be great!  All the children managed to participate today – Well done Mrs D!

The children may have mentioned that we are producing some art work in the style of Edward Tinga.  We have begun this week by carefully drawing our outlines with marker pen and we will be building on this over the next few weeks.  No pictures I’m afraid.   We might keep our pictures hidden until we have the final product to show you.

Happy weekend everyone and enjoy the sunshine!

Directions and crumpets!

We finished off a busy half term thinking about directions and movement.  We were specifically learning clockwise and anti-clockwise turns.  Once we got the hang of this we put it into practice by directing each other through a maze or using the beebots and giving them directions.  Some of us were able to direct others around the classroom using half, and quarter turns.

We also had great fun making crumpet planet pictures.  We liked the way the crumpet prints looked like they had craters.  Some of us were a bit tempted to eat the crumpets but we managed to resist!

Have a happy half term everybody!

DT day! 

Wow we were so excited to get into class this morning as we knew we were going to be creating our vehicles.

Mrs Hodder told us we needed to look back on our designs which we had completed last week. Our final vehicle should look like that design.

First we had to chose our box or bottle that would form the base of our vehicle.

We had to create axels from wooden dowels and create holes in our wheels using a hammer.

The final pieces are not all completed but tomorrow we will be trying them out to see if they are fit for purpose.

See what you think.